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Various Hand Engraving Resources to Tutorials,
Photos, Books and Videos

How to hold and engrave a large object

Mike Dubber

New NitroG20
AirGraver Video

Carl Bleile

Custom Carbide Rotary Bit
for NSK Rotary
Jim Small

Rope Border
Tim Wells

Make your own Pilot Wheel
Kenneth Crutcher

Cad-Cam and jewelry
Steve Shepherd

Colt 1911 in progress
Tom McArdle

Let's make a Sterling ring collar for the AirGraver together
Steve Shepherd

A Little Bit More Carving.
Phil Coggan

 Almost Live Video Conferencing
Steve Shepherd

Gold Inlay Script
Chris Malouf

An Engraving Puzzle
Mike Dubber


Eternity ring
Daniel Houwer



Creating a game scene
using photoshop
Phil Coggan


Damascening a sheep with a Lindsay Barry Hands

More on Moose
Mike Dubber

Tutorial: Scuba Power for Lindsay Airgraver
Jim Brandvik

Perazzi in progress
Barry Hands

Phil Coggan

Multi-Dimensional Bracelet
Chris Malouf

Beginners Progress Plans, Tutors Tips, and Informational link AirAmp

Cutting a Coin for fun or profit Steve Ellsworth

Cut together - PalmControl practice plate Steve Lindsay

Gold Inlay
Mike Dubber

Another PhotoShop
Step by Step

Phil Coggan

Damascening an Elk with an Artisan Barry Hands

Tutorial with videos from the school site
Steve Lindsay

Lindsay Scroll cutting tutorial
Steve Lindsay

Sharpener templates
for Carl Bleile tool
Thread 1
Thread 2
Thread 3
Thread 4
Thread 5

A big Bulino cat
Barry Hands

Western Bright cut Tutorial
Brian Hochstrat

Scrimshaw woo hoo!
Katherine Plumer

Close-up knife engravings
Steve Lindsay

Lynx Grip Cap
Mike Dubber

Scrollwork design analysis
Scott Pilkington

Mauser Bolt knob
Barry Hands

More Bracelets
Mike Dubber

Escutchion Engraving
Barry Hands

Carl Bleile

SCRAPER TOOL grinding and use
Carl Bleile

Sharpening with Templates & Pictures
Carl Bleile

engraving with NEW PICTURES template tool & Lindsay Artisan
Carl Bleile

sharpening SCULPTING & RELIEF TOOLS with Templates
Carl Bleile

tutorial of sculpture/carving, plus Engraving Instruction
Carl Bleile

Scrimshaw Tutorial
Katherine Plumer

Fawn Kitten Knife
Steve Lindsay

Another quicker monogram
Barry Hands

Polished/Inked and Laquered...The Carved Pair
Phil Coggan

Playing with clay and drawing scrolls
Barry Hands

Damascening with a hammer and punch in Japan
Barry Hands

Etching, Start to Finish
Barry Hands

Engraving styles and pics
Barry Hands

More Close-Up pics
Steve Lindsay

Stevens Rifle; Q border work

New contest - borders
Jim Brandvik

 Photoshop Layout
Kenneth Crutcher


Scroll Backbone Tracing Templates
Steve Shepherd

Click below files to download, view and print.
Sample 2.pdf
Template 2.pdf
Template 3.pdf


Lasercopy transfer
Daniel Houwer

Dynasty Qing Dao - Chinese Sword Fitting, Openwork
charles wu

More topics on school site: www.engravingtraining.com

Forum Tutorials and contests

Forum Tutorial contest archive

Sharpening fixture info.

Google books has the old Art of engraving book on-line.
2nd edition The Art of Engraving

Dover publications has good scroll borders  and design ideas books which are copyright free.

Florid Victorian Ornament

J.M. Bergling Books

Medieval Ornament: 950 Illustrations

Scroll Ornaments of the Early Victorian Period

Floral Engravings for Artists and Craftspeople

Weapons and Armor

Jewelry: A Pictorial Archive of Woodcuts and Engravings

Copy free designs

Cut a design together thread

Tutorial engraving a scroll design

basic practice cut videos

On-line old engraving books

drawing Acanthus leaves

Monograms & ciphers ([1906])

The Art of Engraving

Monogram Fonts

Inexpensive way to give it a try

On-line videos
Another video

Videos ~ 11 hours worth

New Roland Baptiste template for inlay
Video to use the Roland Baptiste point

Sharpening with Lindsay sharpener - flat & knife

Artwork for studying scroll and pattern designs.

On-line old engraving books

Must have book download (drawing Acanthus leaves)

"Art Monograms and Lettering"

Here's a few more books that WVEngraver found... (thanks Chris :smile[2]
"A new book of cyphers" - published 1726 (contains over 600 illustrations)

Monograms & ciphers ([1906]) I was delighted to see that this book contains examples of corporate monograms and the use of the "ampersand" in monograms.

The book of ornamental alphabets, ancient and mediaeval, from the eighth century. (published 1914)
A very cool old book which contains official alphabets of different monarchies through the ages.

Microscope information

An optivisor is an inexpensive way to magnify. There are replaceable, lenses of different strength for them. 
McMaster has them. www.mcmaster.com.  Enter page 2250 at the  McMaster site.
On that page they are called "Headband Flip-UP Magnifiers".

NSK Rotary tool information

PalmControl and Classic AirGravers
PalmControl AirGraver
Classic foot control AirGraver

Engraving glossary pages from EngravingArts web site (Adone T. Pozzobon)
Engraving Info. Choosing Wisely
Glossary - Terms, tools, pneumatic
Glossary - Bulino / Inlay... methods
Glossary - Bulino / close-ups defined #1
Glossary - Bulino / close-ups defined #2
Lindsay AirGravers Concise Review #2
Lindsay Ultimate AirGraver Concise Review #3
Glossary - Bulino / banknote defined
Glossary - Digital design / software
Glossary - Engravers, where to begin


The Lynton McKenzie book "Engraving Techniques and Smoke Prints" has 16 pages of how-to information for H&C engraving written by Lynton. 34 pages of enlarged engraving prints that Lynton made of his work.   Click here for more information and ordering.

Subheadings from book
Engraving - by Lynton McKenzie
Chisel Construction
Flat Gravers and Chisels
Part Round
Work Method -Driving a Chisel
Face Sharpening for 45 Degree Angles
Hand Gravers
Hand Graver-Work Method
Work Method - (45 degree face)
Work Method - Heel
Engraving Hammers
Cutting Lubricants
Mounting the Work
Practice Plates
Smoke Prints (there are 34 pages of prints. On one page will be the prints as they appear, and on the facing page there is a negative image for ease in viewing. )

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